You.. leave… me…

After nearly two weeks, I’m still battling some miscellaneous respiratory ailment that has me mildly anxious and majorly thinking.

It started on a Thursday afternoon. Son-of-Eos had caught the crud going around his school–scratchy throat, fatigue, dry cough–and, of course, shared it with EosGirl. (I should be glad it wasn’t lice, which was also making the rounds at his school around the same time.)

But while son’s symptoms pretty much faded out, I found myself after a few days feeling unable to catch a full breath. I yawned. I sighed. I took hot showers. A scary feeling, made all the more scary by the knowledge that there’s a known correlation between eosinophilic esophagitis and asthma. And intnesified by the fact that Mr. Eos said, “Gee, that’s pretty much how I feel when my asthma is bothering me.”

The good news, according to my doctor, is that it’s most likely some form of bronchitis related to the virus. (“Though with your immune system, you never know…”) So, I am now messing with inhaled steroids, along with the swallowed ones for the eosinophilia, feeling mildly but not entirely better, and thinking a lot about how complicated things must be for the folks who do have to deal with all of these things all of the time.

Right now, I mostly just need to remember to use the inhaler first so that I can follow the instructions to rinse out my mouth and gargle, and THEN I brush my teeth so that I can take the budesonide after, and still follow the instructions not to eat or drink for an hour after taking it. And in the evenings, I need to work in the calcium supplement at least two hours after dinner, so that it doesn’t cancel the iron in the multivitamin at dinner…

Makes me feel old. And worried. But, honestly, if it’s a choice between respiratory tract and GI tract? I’ll take the GI stuff any day.

About eosgirl

Trying to stop worrying and love my eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease.
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2 Responses to You.. leave… me…

  1. eosinophile says:

    My asthma went away from allergy shots and vitamin D3, I started supplementing at 2000IU a day and then did the blood test and my level was only 30-something, and started taking 4000IU and now got it into the 60’s. The vitamin D levels have to be at least 50 ng/ml (125 nmol/L) to really help. I also take molecularly distiled fish oil, I aim for a gram of EPA and DHA each a day. I used to get bronchitis after every viral URI. A big thing was getting my peak flow meter out to see if it was really upper or lower. Sometimes it would be more upper (better peak flow reading), even though I felt like it was lower, and singular works really well for those lingering upper respiratory drips that make you cough out a lung and a hemorrhoid:) For lower I found it really necessary to use the spacer, otherwise all the medicine went into my esophagus.

    I’m going to post soon about the atopic march, now they know you can prevent asthma in atopic kids with immunotherapy. I’m gonna start it soon, the sublingual form, because I couldn’t keep the shots up, I was too reactive (although it didn’t cure my sinuses it cured my asthma). I’m gonna sign up my son too since he has both 9 food allergies and 6 environmental allergies. There is a local one that only does environmental allergies, but one office in Wisconsin offers sublingual immunotherapy for both environmental and food allergies, even in EE patients. Imagine my son being cured of allergies in 1-2 years (dont know how long it takes but a friend was cured of environmental in only 6 months). My life would be so much easier without his EE and sinus problems and fear of him getting asthma. Combining helminthic therapy with immunotherapy might really deal a K.O. to the atopic march.

    • eosgirl says:

      “Atopic march.” That’s one I hadn’t hear before, though it makes perfect sense. What freaks me out is that I’ve never had any kind of respiratory issues before, even during my pediatric eosinophilia days. Maybe this is my “atopic March.” Another irony: I’ve just gone onto a mega course of vitamin D! Definitely more to learn here.

      That would be fantastic, eosinophile, if you were successful in managing your son’s allergies. What a gift for him!

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