Reach Out…

So it seems that this blog, despite its sporadic nature, has done what it’s supposed to do.

Connecting via phone this week with commenter Kelly has definitely been a highlight of my social media foray.

So much research, so much advocacy, get focused on EE, and especially pediatric EE. That’s pretty much as it should be, given the prevalence of EE, and also its severity for so many kids.

But it means that adult EGIDs can be a pretty lonely business.

So, thank you, Kelly, for reaching out and providing reassurance that I’m not the only one trying to balance feeling crappy with going to work. Or who freaks out every time my child has a stomachache. Or who is toying with elimination diets, but would prefer to have some clear idea of which foods I can safely eat before, say, I start receiving Social Security.

It was even a little eerie—but in a really good way—to find that we share some specific food sensitivities, have some similar reactions, and totally, totally recognize one another’s symptoms. (Also that we both can probably sing the advertising jingle from this post’s title!)

So, on this almost-eve of Eosinophil Awareness Week, let’s hear it for sticking together and making the world of EGIDs a bit less lonely!

About eosgirl

Trying to stop worrying and love my eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease.
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