The Week of Eating Recklessly

Photo of baguuettes

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Liftoff is just around the corner. While I technically have until next Thursday to begin, my plan is to launch The Elimination Diet on Monday. I seem determined to approach it ballasted with as much bread, pasta, muffins, meat, and chocolate soy pudding as I can manage.

It’s a little ironic, considering that I’m trying to figure out whether some of those things are what’s making me sick in the first place. But giving them all up, even temporarily, is going to be tough.

Not like when I foreswore dairy several years ago. At that point, the unpleasant symptoms were so bad that it was a rather welcome break-up. This time ’round, I’m packing in as many goodbyes as possible.

In the past few days alone, there’s been:

  • House-brined corned beef on rye from my favorite local deli;
  • Spaghetti and meatballs;
  • Home-made cookies and blueberry muffins;
  • Israeli couscous salad;
  • Baguettes, focaccia, and bagels from our amazing co-op grocery;
  • Soy ice cream.

This weekend, I have a date with my favorite Thai restaurant that makes the awesome massaman curry, and serious plans to turn some bananas into cupcakes. If only my husband could whip up a challah before he leaves for the weekend.

Of course, the other irony is that I’ve been eating almost this manically (and, I hasten to add, uncharacteristically) for the last few weeks and have managed to put on several pounds. Dr. Eos was glad to see the scale creep back up after some winter weight loss, but I’m not. I should tell him I get the first five pounds free.

About eosgirl

Trying to stop worrying and love my eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease.
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