Day 8: What a Difference Three D’s Make

When I posted yesterday about seven lessons from seven days of my EoE elimination diet, I neglected to mention a few things that I hope to do differently going forward.

I spent a good part of the weekend feeling kind of woozy and enervated. Perhaps it was just the ridiculous heat that we’ve had in the Southeast, but I’m thinking that a few changes are in order:

Do D – I stopped supplements when I started dieting. But my vitamin D almost always needs a boost, so I’ve started back up. For that matter, I think I’m going to re-instate a good multivitamin, even though it probably means putting up with some corn-derived citric acid and natural flavor, or a soy-derived gelatin capsule. If you know of a good multi that’s free of all these things, please leave me a comment.

Devour protein – The nutritionist I saw last week looked at my food log for the first few days and deemed it low on protein. Indeed, it turns out that all of those little habitual protein hits—nuts for a morning snack, cereal with almond milk for an evening snack, even the protein in bread—are all mere memories now.

My diet is still limited, but has definitely grown more balanced over the last few days. We had fish on Saturday and again tonight (and kale tonight, to boot!). Last night I made falafel; tomorrow is turkey chili. There’s been enough of everything so far for lunch leftovers.

Detox – Some allergy sources I’ve seen suggest a “detox” effect of general yuckiness and malaise when some people launch elimination diets. The allergist swears this isn’t true, and I can see that it’s controversial. But since it starts with D and the idea feels reassuring to me, I include it here. It makes for a nice group of three, and is far better than discouragement or despair.


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Trying to stop worrying and love my eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease.
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