Day 28: How Do You Get to Cargnegie Hall?

Today’s Adventures in Massively Allergen-Free Baking

All of the gluten-free baking advice I’ve read has emphasized practice, practice, practice. So, I’m calling today a practice day. Maybe I’ll eventually get to Carnegie Hall.

Here’s what an afternoon in the kitchen yielded.

Photo of baked goodsThe burger buns tasted about the way they looked, but the peach cake didn’t quite live up to its visual press.

The buns were a hoot to make, what with my jerry-rigged English muffin tins that didn’t really contain the oozy mess.

Photos of burger buns

Burger buns: From gloppy to blobby. Or something.

The recipe was adapted from The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Bread, and I’m wondering if the problem was a few too many substitutions (amaranth flour for the quinoa (blech); guar gum for the xanthan; molasses for some of the agave; and balsamic for some of the cider vinegar).

Despite baking, and baking some more, they remained stubbornly gummy. In the end, I split one of the cooled buns and baked it again for ten or fifteen minutes in the toaster oven. At that point, it crisped up like a cracker and contributed a bit of texture beneath the turkey sloppy joes that were dinner. So, the buns aren’t a total loss, but they have to wear a disguise.

The peach cake was courtesy of Karina, the Gluten-Free Godess. The cake caught my eye because it uses fruit juice instead of a milk substitute. There are currently no approved milk substitutes on my list, so this recipe for once gave me permission not to use one.

I still tinkered a bit. Teff flour went in for half of the sorghum flour, because too much sorghum seems sawdusty to me. For corn-avoidance, I’m using guar gum instead of xanthan, and flax seed instead of egg replacer.

Photo of peach cakeOn the whole, it was flavorful. The only problem is that the cake remained gummy—uncooked, really—in a layer right beneath the peaches. The guys dug the flavor, though, and I liked it well enough to try again.

The day’s gloppy theme was probably not helped by the fact that the humidity was something like 90 percent here today. I went for a walk after baking, and instantly regretted it.

On the other hand, all that practice, practice, practice is going to require at least a bit of exercise from time to time!

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Trying to stop worrying and love my eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease.
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