Day 32: Halfway + Two Days

Photo of fifty yardline

Halfway there!

Tuesday was officially the midpoint between the start of The Diet and the “let’s take a look” scope on Aug. 23.  It was my target day for a jubilant post, except that power outages and work assignments altered that grand plan.

So, here I am now, two days past halfway. How’s it going? Well, I have not starved, much to my amazement. I have not cracked up. I have not succumbed to overwhelming cravings. I have not cried (although I have been crabby on occasion). I have not even goofed very often, that I’m aware of. Not bad, on the whole.

By now, something of a routine has emerged from the overwhelming anxiety and confusion that marked the beginning of this experiment.

We have fish for dinner once or twice a week. I usually try to make one of those meals salmon, which keeps well enough that it can be lunch the next day.

There’s “Turkey Tuesday.” Actual consumption dates vary, but I usually make something like turkey chili or turkey joes that can be eaten at two different dinners. One of those dinners invariably seems to be Tuesday.

There’s a bean dinner such as curried lentils or falafels, with enough left over for at least one lunch. I usually also mix up some kind of soup, or supplementary bean dish, or veggie roast/braise/sauté that serves for lunches and maybe an ad hoc dinner. I am so, so grateful that it is summer, and that the produce here is abundant and varied.

There’s generally a meal or two where I am at a complete and utter loss, and wind up pouting while I nuke a potato or throw together yet another salad. Those meals are getting less frequent, now that I’ve found some emergency insta-foods. TastyBite Jodhpur Lentils are the run-away winner in the desperation category. Explore Asian mung bean fettuccine also may have possibilities (in addition to a few, um, side effects).

Weekends are for experimenting with baking. Breakfasts are for thinking forlornly of toast.

I have only one more week of budesonide before going off of it completely—another milestone coming up! While I don’t feel perfect, this is also the longest I’ve sustained such a low dose without getting all symptomatic. That’s good news. I’m also growing more suspicious that, even if there are eos at the scope, something in my diet–probably wheat–has been causing other reactions, those vague, unmeasurable sensations of fatigue, achiness, fuziness.

If this diet is a success, eos-wise, then a long future of trials and scopes lays ahead of me. But for the moment, I feel like I can switch from counting up to counting down. EGD, here I come.


About eosgirl

Trying to stop worrying and love my eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease.
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