The Scope Report

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Not just reactive; I’m turbocharged! (Flickr: Blosterblu – YT)

Yesterday was endoscopy day after eight weeks on the massively allergen-free elimination diet.

The good news? Well… it doesn’t look like I’ll be scheduling scopes every six weeks for the next two years in order to rule foods in or out. Oh, and also, I did wind up dropping at least a couple of those lingering pounds.

The bad news? Let me quote from the procedure report: “Mucosal changes including ringed esophagus, longitudinal furrows, pallor/decreased vascularity, small-caliber esophagus, pseudodiverticuli, and white plaques were found in the entire esophagus…” Oy gevalt!

Even worse: the scope that was meant just to evaluate the elimination diet also uncovered two areas of significant narrowing. So, today, I’m feeling not only the effects of a scope and biopsies, but also the achy aftermath of two surprise dilations.

This report is easily as bad as, or worse than, the very first one some two and a half years ago when I was newly (re-)diagnosed. That’s with a mere three weeks completely off budesonide. I’m not just reactive; I’m turbocharged!

The upshot? Next week, the histology reports that quantify how bad things got should be in. I also meet Thursday with the allergist to review whether there’s anything more to be done food-wise.

It’s almost certainly curtains on trying to manage the eos with diet. In fact, it’s hard to imagine the diet did any good at all. And while I don’t exactly mind being on budesonide, it’s hard not to wonder if maybe things are even getting worse. Am I reacting to more now? With greater intensity? What does this bode for non-eos atopy?

Although I entered this experiment with awareness that it might fail, although I’ve been noting for the last few weeks a likely worsening of symptoms, somehow, looking this morning at pictures from the scope, with the anesthesia all worn off and the exhaustion mostly slept off, is just a downer.

Yes, the nice bowl of rice that Mr. Eos steamed up last night and the chicken broth that he defrosted soothed things quite a bit, even if they hurt like heck going down. I suspect that a near-normal diet will take the edge off my disappointment very soon, and will at least make daily life easier to manage.

Still I don’t think I’m done with this story. The next chapter is another Tylenol and back to bed. But then: What next? What else?

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Trying to stop worrying and love my eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease.
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5 Responses to The Scope Report

  1. Kelly says:

    I’m sorry to hear that your restricted diet was a bust. However, your efforts in the kitchen weren’t for naught! You are now a capable allergy friendly chef, and your documented experiences in the kitchen will certainly help others. Going forward, your allergist will be your best resource for management of this thing. Although by no means a cure, Singulair has been quite helpful for me. If you haven’t tried it yet, consider discussing this option with your allergist. It just went generic, so cost shouldn’t be an issue. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. eosgirl says:

    Hi, Kelly, thanks, as always, for the kind words. Add to that list: “At least now I know.” Truth told, this probably means going pretty much back to what I was doing before. The budesonide worked fairly well, though I will definitely ask about Singulair. And I hope I’ll still have some helpful recipes to post from time to time, even if not “pretty darn allergen free” ones. I forget how much these scopes take it out of you in middle age!

  3. My son is in the same boat right now. The GI doctor told me he just seems to be very allergic. His body is reacting to everything now. I have some great recipes for using millet and sorghum if you’re interested.

  4. eosgirl says:

    Thanks for the comment, allergylife! Wow, I see from your blog how much is going on for you and your son. 😦 Will let you know on the millet and sorghum. My next stop is appt. with the allergist on Thursday. It’s back to budesonide soon, for sure, but I don’t know if that releases me from the elimination diet or not. Always more questions than answers. I’m so glad you blog, too!

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