One Week

Dec. 21. We’re still here.

But, honestly, I’m not so sure.

I have been trying all week to write something about my horror and grief following the massacre at Sandy Hook. There has been no way to say it. Imagining those children, imagining the anguish of their families. It’s all too much.

Today, that despair has been matched only by revulsion at the NRA’s press conference. I don’t know what they might have said exactly, but guns in every school? This is insanity. This is immorality.  This is a violent, dystopian, misanthropic vision for our country and our future. This is life as a prison, as a shoot-out, as mortal combat.

And yet, so many seem to embrace this view. Reading comments on news articles is like falling down the rabbit hole. I begin to wonder if there can be any common ground, any compromise with those who insist not only that more guns make us safer, but also that it is the right of “we the people” to arm ourselves–without restraint–against our own tyrannical government; who believe, in fact, that such government is imminent if not already upon us. I am not sure we live on the same planet. I am not sure that we read the same words.

Dec. 21. We’re still here. But the universe feels irredeemably changed, irreparably broken. Our children are paying for our national paranoia and our national love affair with guns. I fear that we will have much to answer for.

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Trying to stop worrying and love my eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease.
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