noisemaker_cropGrowing up, I made exhaustive New Year’s resolutions. Clean my room, write to my grandparents, be nice to my sister, blah, blah, and blah.

None of those lists lasted very long. Did yours?

This year, instead of things that are primarily character-building, I’m taking a different approach. Here are a few resolutions that I would like to keep, not because I know I ought to, but because I genuinely want to.

The resolutions are to…

Move. I really, really need to exercise more. I really, really want to exercise more. No marathons. I’d be happy with a regular walking routine and resuming yoga, which I abandoned when Boy Scientist came along a decade ago. Exercising also means coming to terms with my middle aged body and the various things that seem to be wrong with it these days—the asthma, now some mystery heart palpitations, to say nothing of crazy knees and hips and tendons. My theory is that my joints are paying the price for years of youthful ballet classes. My doctor disagrees. Either way, they are part of the package. It’s time to figure out the work-around for all of these things.

Act. The massacre at Sandy Hook in December continues to leave me shaken and outraged.  I know that many factors contribute to these horrors, but, after weeks of reading, I feel more convinced than ever that American gun laws are insanity. Activism was last a meaningful part of my life in college, but I have never, as an adult, felt more compelled to act than I do now. I am starting by helping to organize an informational program at our synagogue. I am also contacting all the local moms I know to see if we can organize some appropriate action or learn of one underway. I do not know what there is to be done, but it feels urgent to do something.

Write. The blog took a nosedive this fall as the Massively Allergen-Free Diet came to a crashing halt, and also as I completed an online certificate program that ate most of my evenings and weekends. I’m back. I’m pretty sure that I have things to say, perhaps even more things than I realize. I’d like to flex my creativity more. Will it all be in the blog? I doubt it. But blogging is a start, and perhaps some journaling, and then who knows. Common wisdom says, “Put your butt in the chair and write.” Right after I exercise, o.k.?

Move. Act. Write. Sounds easy, but, dang, they’re tough. Something always gets in the way. Perhaps focusing on satisfaction, rather than obligation, will be a good motivator. So will remembering that doing anything is more than I’m doing now.

And so, may your resolutions, if you have them, make your life better instead of harder. Happy 2013, everyone.

About eosgirl

Trying to stop worrying and love my eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease.
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