1-2-3 Pie

It’s been too long. WAY too long. And while that’s not so great for a blog, it does at least mean that there hasn’t been a heck of a lot, eos-wise, to write about. No news, good news. (Not counting that little swallowing glitch that showed up–no joke–the day after my annual check-in appointment with Dr. Eos two weeks ago. Go away, swallowing glitch.)

I’ve been busy getting older. While trying to recommit to an exercise program at the beginning of the year, I pulled a tendon in my right inner thigh, then developed tendonitis in my left inner thigh while compensating for the injury on the right, and then pulled a hamstring muscle while doing my PT exercises. Personally, I’m finding late middle age to be a lot less interesting than eosinophils, and far more depressing.

I’ve been volunteering, working, momming, and, getting a lot more comfortable with the whole wheat-free dairy-free cooking/baking business.

In fact, I’m coming out of retirement to commemorate this weekend’s pie–the first I’ve made that looked only a little like a wreck. The recipe is my tried and true crust from Cybele Pascal.  The filling was the “improved” strawberry rhubarb from Smitten Kitchen. The result lasted 24 hours in a household of three. It would not have lasted even that long had I consumed my day-two slice at breakfast, like Mr. Eos and Boy Scientist, instead of tucking it away for dessert.

It’s National Eosinophil Awareness Week. Here’s looking at you. Here’s looking at all of us.


Don’t you like the berries on top?


Going. It looks a little like an angry face, doesn’t it?


Gone. Is it ok to lick the pie plate?


About eosgirl

Trying to stop worrying and love my eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease.
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