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Midlife Is Kicking My Butt

Heart palpitations makin’ me turn and face the strange. Continue reading

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Why I’m Quitting Whole Foods

“Fascism”? Goodbye, Whole Foods. Continue reading

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Trying to make things better this year, not harder. Continue reading

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One Week

Despair and disbelief. Continue reading

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Message in a potato. Continue reading

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The Exquisite Choreography of Un- “Acceptable Loss”

Going off-topic. Reflecting on the horror in Colorado. Continue reading

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Le temps des cerises

A propos of summer, thinking about a favorite French phrase. This one has nothing to do with eosinophils, happily. Continue reading

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This Recent Pause

Taking a moment here to remember my beloved father, who passed away last month after a dreadful year with cancer. His illness has been the reason for my silence here, as I have directed all my time and energies and … Continue reading

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