Oh, Toronto!

Several weeks home now from a business trip to Toronto, but I’d been remiss if I didn’t flag it as a great town for my way of eating.

The catered events for my conference were kind of a mess, ranging from virtually-nothing-to-eat to blech. But the time on my own? Wheat-free, dairy-free abundance!

crownieBreakfast on the road is usually a bust–maybe some fruit or some coffee. Imagine my joy on my very first sojourn to the coffee shop around the corner to discover a stash of Crownies. Who says you can’t have brownies for breakfast when they’re wheat-free and dairy-free?

That night, a friend who was a local introduced me to Fresh, which bills itself as “Toronto’s original source for modern vegetarian food and made-to-order juice.” Sometimes eating out is all about food that’s completely different from what you’d make at home. But sometimes it’s a pleasure to have food that’s almost exactly what you’d make. Fresh’s carrot ginger soup and generous salad would have been entirely at home in MY home. Thank you, Fresh.

At the other end of dining was Grasslands. It was not at all what I’d normally make at home, but a completely VEGAN restaurant–a vegan restaurant full of gluten-free options, no less–made my cup runneth over.  (Well, it would have, had I allowed a single drop of my pomegranate soda to runneth over.) I would fly back to Toronto in an instant if it meant I could have another helping of wheat-free chocolate bundt cake with warm fudge sauce.

My one regret? No pictures–I was far too busy eating! Hats off to you, Toronto.

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Trying to stop worrying and love my eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease.
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